Our epoxies are 2-part structural adhesives that are strong and versatile. They contain no solvents, will not shrink, and cure at room temperature. Epoxies are effective over a wide range of temperatures for bonding to metal, glass, ceramics, wood, concrete and most hard plastics. They are cost-effective adhesives . . . usually more economical than mechanical fasteners and they do not induce galvanic corrosion.

Description: Extra fast setting for quick repairs. Excellent adhesive for bonding wood, glass, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics and leather. Typical Uses: Repairing of tools, auto parts, electrical and electronic components, furniture and other applications that require a fast-setting adhesive. 

Work time: 3 minutes 
Handling strength: 15-30 minutes 
Color: Light amber (translucent) 
Viscosity: Syrup 

Description: Extra fast setting, non-sag (thixotropic) adhesive for quick repairs. Bonds to wood, glass, metal, stone, ceramics, and leather. Typical Uses: Ideal for quick, permanent, vertical and overhead repairs. For fixturing, tacking, sealing, gar) filling and staking in electrical and industrial applications. 

Work time: 3 minutes 
Handling strength: 15-30 minutes 
Color: White (translucent) 
Viscosity: Paste 

Description: A machineable tooling and body patch that adheres to metal, wood and hard plastics. Can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped. Typical Uses: Patching and filling voids and scratches in plastic and metal tooling, patterns and furniture. 

Work time: 25 minutes 
Handling strength: 4 hours 
Color: Aluminum 
Viscosity: Honey 

Description: A gap-filling adhesive for use in damp or moist environments. Cures and bonds under water. Bonds to stone, concrete, metal, g1l ss, china, wood and fiberglass. Typical Uses: Wet crack sealant and plumbing patch. For repair of gutters, battery cases and boats. Excellent adhesive for use with fiberglass tape. 

Work time: 25 minutes
 Color: Gray 
Handling strength: 5 hours 
Viscosity: Heavy syrup 

Description: Use as an adhesive or coatin Bonds to metal, ceramics, glass, porcel-in and wood. Covers and fills scratches. Impact resistant. pical uses: Repair of printed circuit boards (does not electrically corrode copper), optical fibers, lenses and other optical equipment, jewelry, art objects and other applications where a clear bond is desired. 

Work time: 1 hour 
Handling strength: 8 hours 
Color: Clear 
Viscosity: Motor oil 

Description: A long work-life adhesive for bonding wood, metal, ceramics, concrete, rubber and plastics. Typical Uses: Repair of tools, furniture and sports equipment. An excellent adhesive for use with fiberglass cloth. 

Work time: 2 hours 
Handling strength: 8 hours 
Color: Amber 
Viscosity: Heavy syrup 

Description: A low-viscosity adhesive with a fairly long work-life. Cures to a light color and bonds well to wood, metal, concrete, fabrics and ost plastics. Typical Uses: Excellent for applications requiring a thin glue line. Ideal for fine furniture, hobby use and sports equipment repair. 

Work time: 45 minutes 
Handling strength: 4 hours 
Color: Light (almost colorless) 
Viscosity: Maple syrup 

Description: A flexible, tough and durable vibration resistant adhesive. High peel and shear strengths. Bonds to polystyrene, ABS, ny on, metal, wood, masonry and rubber. Typical Uses: For repair of sports equipment, marine, aircraft, auto, truck and tractor parts. Excellent adhesive