Our urethanes are 2-part rigid and flexible adhesives with excellent resistance to tearing, abrasion, wear and scratching. Quick curing, they are recommended for bonding metal, glass, ceramics, most plastics and flexible materials of all types. They contain no solvents and cure with very low shrinkage.

Shore Hardness 
D-50 Description:
A good combination of high peel and lap s ear strengths. It is semi-flexible and will bond to rubber, leather, china and many plastics. Typical Uses: For automotive repairs, bonding aftermar- ket replacement mirrors, etc., repair of shoes, ski boots, and other sports equipment, repair of conveyor belts. 

Work time: 3-5 minutes 
Handling strength: 1 hour 
Color: Beige 
Viscosity: Light syrup  

Shore Hardness 
D-85 Description:
Extra fast setting, semi-rigid. Combines very high lap shear strength with good peel strength. Typical Uses: For repair of urethane RIM parts. Recommended for repair of rubber hoses and flexible electrical connections. 

Work time: 3-5 minutes 
Handling strength: 1 hour 
Color: White 
Viscosity: Heavy syrup 

Shore Hardness 
A-85 Description:
Fast setting with high peel strength. Tough and flexible. Bonds to most metals, plastics, rubber, glass and leather. Good for low- temperature, sub-zero applications. Typical Uses: Repair of construction and off-road tires, flexible conveyor belts, printing press rollers, rubberized fabrics, shoes, ski boots and other sports equipment. For bonding refrigeration and AC equipment. 

Work time: 5 minutes 
Handling strength: 45 minutes 
Color: Black 
Viscosity: Heavy syrup 

Description: Fast-setting and non-sag (thixotropic). Excellent temperature, moisture, vibration and ozone resistance. It will not sag on vertical surfaces. Silicone bonds to most materials including metal, glass, wood, ceramics and many plastics. Typical uses: For caulking around tubs, replacing loose tiles or repairing rubber and glass. Excellent for forming in-place gaskets, sealing of joints and lead wire entries, weather-stripping and auto glass sealing. 

Work time: 10 minutes 
Handling strength: 24 hours 
Color: Off-white 
Viscosity: Paste 

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