3M Bumpomtm Protective Products - Molded Shapes
Key Customer Markets
  • Electronics
  • Small Appliances
  • Furniture & Cabinetry
  • Transportation
3M Bumpontm Protective Products are pressure sensitive adhesive backed polyurethane products that ccan be used as feet, stops, spacers & protectors in many applications.

Temperature range: 
Constant: -30o F (-34o C) to 150o F (66o C)
Intermittent: Up to 225o F (107o C)

Protective Cushioners: Gourmet appliances won't mar surfaces when you select from a vast array of 3M Bumpontm Products. 3M offers several self sticking pressure sensitive adhesives which can help you build in time and labor savings by eliminating the need to drill, rivet or attach push-in feet. We also offer total customization enabling you to determine the exact size, shape and color you need.
Clear Protective Cushioners: 5300 series clear Bumpontm Products are ideal for glass and acrylic cutting boards and other colored surfaces. Because these clear bumpers are nearly invisible and resist yellowing with age, product designs remain ageless over time.
Protective Spacers: 5000 and 5300 series Bumpontm  Products are used as non-slip spacers on medical tabletops, electronic assemblies, and lids. They are also used as spacers to help protect delicate printed circuit boards from vibration and heat buildup.
Protective Feet: 5000 and 5300 series Bumpontm  Products can be used as feet o laptop computers and other electronic equipment. To help meet design challenges, our total customization program helps you determine the exact size, shape and color you'll need.
Clear Protective Feet: Protect desk surfaces with 5300 series clear Bumpontm  Products. Unlike many push-in feet, 3M bumpers won't mar or scratch furniture tops and other surfaces. Because our clear bumpers are nearly invisible, they are ideal for clear and colored glass and acrylic surfaces.
Protective Spacers For Noise and Vibration Control: The highly durable 5400 series true white Bumpontm  Products are ideal for stops on doors and drawers. These bumpers help absorb impact and noise and have excellent resistance to aging; they will not harder or crack over time.

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